Our Values

Our Values

What we believe in and guides us.
Value Statements

These five core values reflect how we deal with our clients, shareholders and the communities we serve:

  • Purpose
  • Human Effort
  • Community
  • Honour
  • Faith

Our Values guide us in what we do and how we carry out our business. These values influence our behavior, attitudes and performance; they enable us to create sustainable value for our Shareholders and other Stakeholders. to meet


We are goal driven. We work as a team to attain greater good and individually we leave positive marks in all we do.

  • Proactively meet Customer needs
  • Make a positive impact
  • Achieve a mark of excellence
  • Take ownership of our responsibilities
Human Effort

We apply all the necessary physical and mental abilities to accomplish our goals. We channel our efforts into efficient operations, to be able to make a positive difference to our Stakeholders.

  • Achieve set objectives
  • Demonstrate total commitment to Work
  • Effectively use resources to deliver premium value to all Stakeholders
  • Create long term value for our Shareholders and all other Stakeholders

We believe in togetherness. We strive to be a responsible member of the community, adhering to safety, health and environmental regulations. We invest in internal fellowship and value teamwork within and across all functions. In our dealings, we ensure that we leave behind footprints of an improved quality of life for all.

  • We remain socially responsible to the needs of our Community
  • Use joint energies to deliver on our commitments
  • Adhere to best practice and applicable industry guidelines
  • Create genuine relationships
  • We leave behind a better Community

Above all things, we treasure a good name. Our integrity governs everything we do. We commit to pursuing our goals transparently and with integrity. We deliver on our promises with dignity, respecting everyone we work with and the contributions they make.

  • Build and maintain the good name of Chase Petroleum
  • We do what is expected of us at all times
  • We Uphold the highest standards of integrity in all we do
  • Treat everyone with respect and dignity
  • Be fair, honest and transparent in everything you do

We believe in a better future; we believe that all challenges can be overcome. We set out to achieve all we set out to do, reposing complete trust and confidence in our belief in each other and in ourselves.

  • We believe in our Vision, and the vital role we play in achieving it
  • Nothing is impossible, persevere till the end
  • We place our trust in our faith and in each other
  • Anticipate and embrace positive change