Crude Oil


Crude Oil is the raw material used in the production of many materials. The world consumption of Crude Oil is estimated at over 80 million barrels each day, representing one of the world’s largest global markets.

Crude Oil is obtained from all of the key producers in the sub-region and sold to Tema Oil Refinery (TOR). The key relationships we have built with our suppliers, clients and the supporting government institutions have influenced our success in this area of our business.

The business of trading Crude Oil is ever changing; there are always new challenges to overcome in the acquisition and supply of the product. At Chase, our expertise equips us to effectively overcome these challenges and maximize our performance in the market, whilst minimising potential risks.

As long as Crude Oil remains a widely traded international commodity, Chase will be at the forefront of its trade and our mission to be the leading distributor of petroleum products in West Africa will be achieved.